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Network Oversight

High level cybersecurity, accessible to all business owners.

Designed and built by a former GCHQ critical defence software architect; IOSEC provide a black box, known as the C120.

It’s a plug & play product that sits within your network, surfaces on your desktop, smartphone and laptop & provides protection from cyber attacks, and notifications about your network.

£250 (+VAT) per month, per device

  • 12 month subscription
  • One device required per office
  • Simple transparent pricing
  • Offer limited to customers starting their subscription in 2020
  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements
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Data & security

Automatic recommendations to improve the security of your business and make your network secure, made accessible to non-technical users.

Whilst protecting your data, our cyber platform shows you the information that enables you to make decisions with the right information at your fingertips. Our trusted partners are on standby to provide assistance when you need it.

Ideally suited for:

  • retail outlets
  • small to medium sized offices
  • POS terminal monitoring
  • IOT device monitoring
  • Industrial network protection
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Intrusion detection

We deliver an Intrusion Detection and Protection System with the ability to monitor and report on network traffic that provides your business with visibility on incidents within your network.

We provide a risk-based score, offering you insight into your network risks over a 30 day window.

  • Oversight of network connected hosts
  • IoT devices and guest network monitoring
  • Incident notifications & attack detection
  • Monitor staff activity for policy violations
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Privacy & trust

Former UK Military and UK Government trusted support is provided throughout the service. Optional noise & temperature monitoring add an element of physical monitoring, which would otherwise be out of reach to small business owners.

Our noise monitoring service has been developed to be privacy-respecting; The microphone removeable instead of built-in, and recorded audio is processed into a frequency spectrum analysis before being uploaded securely to the cloud. No translatable speech data can or will ever be collected.

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Affordable & accessible

IOSEC has created a cyber security product that specifically meets the demands of the SME market. Our service starts at £250/month for our network oversight service and provide information that is technically agnostic.

We cater for all businesses, though we are currently focussing on small businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department to detect and defend against cyber attacks.

With our intuitive platform and affordable pricing, high level cyber security for your business network just became affordable.

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Why choose IOSEC?

  • Our platform identifies threats which fly under the radar of basic security software.
  • We provide an Intrusion Detection & Protection System against cyber attacks and nefarious network activity.
  • Providing managers with threat reports, a real time risk score, and actionable insights
  • High level functionality with unique features providing a holistic security service
  • Business owners have the tools, knowledge and accessibility to detect and thwart future attacks and safeguard personal information
  • Limits business downtime whilst safeguarding critical business infrastructure & data
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Dependable, Reliable, Trustable.
Former UK Government.
Based in the UK.
Discretion Guaranteed.

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