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Operator Platform

Professionalising the close-protection security industry.

Our Mission is to connect operators with businesses through a simple platform that helps to professionalise the security industry. We empower operators to find jobs across sectors and support businesses to hire the best people.

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Data security

Using the intuitive Cyber architecture, we have built our Operator Platform with personal data and discretion at the heart of what we do. User data is encrypted within our system and two-factor authentication is a vital component of the OP’s integrity

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Verification of Operators and Security businesses will be done through the application that enables scale and reduces overheads. The user will be able to upload relevant documentation that will facilitate employment and provide validation. All users will be given a 1-5 Star rating upon job completion, driving market efficiency.

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Our platform enhances the governing bodies and regulations of the Security Industry. We have a built in payment process that enables operators to be paid quickly and efficiently. The operator platform is FREE for operators to use, with businesses paying a small fee once jobs are completed.

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To combat the inappropriate use of social media, open source networking and unsecure messaging for arranging operator work, we provide a facility where all job-related communication can be done through our platform. This creates a recoded, audited collection of communications related to job postings.

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Businesses cannot "browse" operator profiles - they are only able to view operator profiles when operators apply for jobs posted by the business. This ensures operators are in control of who they allow access to their private information. Their profile becomes their "Secure CV".

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Efficiency within the security industry

  • Request a referral link to the operator platform
  • Register and complete the onboarding process
  • Pass the due-diligence stage and set up your account
  • Post / Find a job, set shift patterns and select operators
  • Invoices available through the web-app
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Supporting veterans

IOSEC are dedicated to supporting former military, police and emergency service personnel who operate in the security industry. We ensure that the OP is free for operators, to increase recruitment and help with their transition into civilian life.

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Dependable, Reliable, Trustable.
Former UK Government.
Based in the UK.
Discretion Guaranteed.

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